5 Best Hygrometers for Your Grow Room

How much moisture is in your grow room? It is hard to tell with the naked eye, but you can get accurate readings with a high performing hygrometer.

A hygrometer is an instrument for ascertaining the quantity of moisture, or humidity, contained in the atmosphere of your growing environment.

Finding a humidity monitor isn’t hard. There are many models you will come across in the market, but not all of them are ideal for monitoring the moisture surrounding your plants.

After our detailed research of the best models, we found the following products proved useful for monitoring the moisture levels of indoor gardens.

Top 5 Hygrometers for Your Grow Room

#1 Zeonetak Digital Hygrometer

Do you want a unit that offers accurate humidity readings? Look no further than the Zeonetak Digital Hygrometer.

This hygrometer comes with a durable construction that is easy to place anywhere in the grow room. You can place it on the floor or mount it on the wall.

The unit is engineered to measure both humidity and temperature. The humidity measurements range from 1 to 99 percent, while temp ranges from -4 to 158°F.

The large LCD readout is easy to decipher and vivid. The readout shows both low and high records for the previous twenty-four hours.

At the top of the readout, there is a large comfort level indicator that clearly tells you when the air in the grow space is too dry, optimum, or too humid.

This model also contains an alarm clock. It has a light/snooze feature on the top right-hand side of the screen. Press once to turn on the backlight for a duration of five seconds. For the alarm, press once to enter into the snooze function. The buzzer alarm lasts for two minutes. Snooze or stop the alarm by pressing any button apart from the snooze button.

Things We Like:

  • Measures both humidity and temperature
  • Highly sensitive to small humidity changes
  • Comfort level indicator allows you to maintain optimal levels
  • The large LCD readout is easy to read and operate
  • Multiple mounting options available

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • May be damaged by direct sunlight

#2 Rinkmo Digital Hygrometer

The Rinkmo Digital Hygrometer is engineered to give you near perfect humidity as well as temp readings.

The very first impressive feature is the heavy-duty frame, which is equipped with a desk stand, a magnet mount, and a wall hanging hole. The LCD readout is large and it is high definition HTN. Operating the digital screen is as easy as touching a button. The screen displays minimum and maximum temperatures and minimum and maximum humidity figures.

The Rinkmo offers fast readings, thanks to the thirty sensitive vents, which pick up temp and humidity changes every ten seconds.

There is a comfort level indicator near the bottom of the screen. Dry, comfort, and wet humidity levels are indicated by the horizontal icons.

The unit is also equipped with a backlight feature that helps you to read the figures easily in low light or dark conditions.

Things We Like:

  • Monitors both humidity and temp changes in your grow room
  • Highly sensitive to climate changes in your growing environment
  • Large LCD readout displays both low and high humidity levels
  • Backlight eliminates eye strain in low light and dark conditions
  • Comes with multiple mounting options

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Possible to receive a defective unit

#3 ThermoPro TP53 Hygrometer

This is ThermoPro’s newest hygrometer, adept at reading humidity as well as the temperature of an indoor growing environment.

This unit comes equipped with a wide variety of display features. The top part of the screen displays the minimum and maximum temperatures, while the lower part displays the minimum and maximum humidity.

The TP53 has an ultra-narrow frame, which allows for enlarged readouts on the LCD display. You can easily interpret the humidity and temperature figures. The display is also super easy to read in low light conditions, thanks to the yellow backlight. This ensures you experience no eye strain in the dark.

What makes this unit special are the industrial grade sensors that ensure you get the most precise humidity readings of your to grow space. Another impressive feature is the air comfort indicator, which displays the comfort level of your grow room at the bottom of the LCD readout.

Things We Like:

  • Monitors both humidity and temperature
  • Displays both low and high records of all time
  • Very reliable humidity tolerance of +/-2% for a range of 30 to 80 percent
  • Yellow backlight eliminates eye strain in low light conditions
  • Air comfort indicator helps to maintain optimum levels
  • It’s magnet and wall mountable

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • May receive a broken unit

#4 ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer

The TP50 from ThermoPro is a compact, mobile, and accurate hygrometer that is engineered to monitor both humidity and temperature of your grow room.

This model displays professional as well as precise readings of the climate of your indoor growing environment. It comes equipped with the ability to display daily, as well as all-time high and low, humidity and temperature readings.

This device comes with a heavy-duty construction with a narrow frame. The well-built frame is fitted with a large display for easy reading of figures.

On the back of the device, there is a convenient magnet mount and a retractable stand mounting options. You can use the magnet option to mount it on the wall of your grow room.

On the top right-hand side of the TP50, a toggle button allows you to switch the temperature units from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

There is also a simple humidity level indicator on the top right-hand side of the screen. The indicator tells you when the air is dry, optimally humid, or wet.

Things We Like:

  • Monitors both humidity and temperature changes
  • Display daily/all-time lows and highs
  • The large digital display is super easy to read
  • Small, compact, and portable design for small grow spaces
  • Humidity level indicator ensures you maintain optimum levels
  • Comes with multiple mounting options

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • No backlight feature

#5 Habor Digital Hygrometer

Are you in search of a compact hygrometer for your grow room? The Habor Digital Hygrometer may be for you.

The unit is remarkably small, but it comes with an easy to read display. The readout clearly shows the temperature and humidity.

There is also a humidity comfort level indicator that tells you when the climate in your growing space is too dry or too wet for your plants. This allows you to maintain optimum levels.

The unit comes with more than one mounting options, including wall hanging hole, table standing, and magnet attachment.

The device is very sensitive to environmental changes. It has a humidity tolerance of +/-5% in the range of 40 to 80%, and +/-7% in the range of 20 to 40% or 80 to 95%.

The only thing that may seem off about this unit is the inability to display both low and high readings. It only displays the current readings.

Things We Like:

  • Small and compact for saving space
  • Multiple mounting options are available
  • Large digits readout is easy to decipher
  • The comfortable level indicator helps to maintain optimum humidity
  • Reliable humidity and temperature accuracy/tolerance

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t display low and high readings only current ones

What to Look For

As with any other instrument, choosing a quality hygrometer for your growing room involves a number of things, such as:

Digital Vs. Analog

There are basically two major types of hygrometers in the market: digital and analog.

Analog designs are not equipped with sensors for registering humidity levels. Instead, they use a metal spring that loosens or tightens with respect to the moisture levels. Some analog hygrometers use natural hair to detect changes in moisture levels in the air, which are normally very accurate.

The obvious choice for most indoor growers and gardeners are digital hygrometers. Their popularity is attributed to easy readability.

Most models that we have come across are engineered to simultaneously monitor temperature and humidity changes in the atmosphere of your growing space.

The best digital units have very sensitive sensors that detect even the slightest climate changes in your growing environment.

There are many positive aspects of choosing a digital model. They are easy to read, display minimum and maximum readings, display comfort levels, and are highly accurate.

Hygrometer Apps

Apart from digital and analog devices, you can consider hygrometer apps. They are not the most popular, but they can do the job.

There are humidity monitoring apps for Android and iOS. They usually require a sensor beacon that connects wirelessly to the app via Bluetooth.

The best apps are programmed to provided temperature, humidity, dew point readings, timestamps, logs, charts, and statistics.

Most hygrometer apps have the ability to store up to eight months of data. You can easily define your logging intervals from a minute up to twelve hours.

The only thing that may seem off about humidity monitoring apps is that they may not be entirely accurate since the data has to be relayed via a wireless connection from the sensor.

The time it takes for the app to receive the data from the sensors may be subjected to interference. This may alter the readings.


When shopping for a high performing hygrometer, you should always check the scale range for both humidity and temperature. What units of measurements does the scale use? This is particularly important when shopping for digital hygrometers.

Most digital models use both Fahrenheit and Celsius for measuring temperature. In fact, most devices have a toggle button for switching between the two units.

For digital devices, we recommend choosing hygrometers that display both minimum and maximum humidity and temperature readings for a 24-hour period and all-time.


A typical digital hygrometer uses sensors to detect changes in humidity and temperature. When the sensors are subjected to humidity variations, the readings may vary before they stabilize.

Most digital units will take time before they adjust to the ambient room temperature and humidity. As such, immediate readings may not be entirely reliable.

For this reason, we recommend you choose a device with superior accuracy or tolerance. Most units may have a tolerance of +/-2 to +/-3 degree Fahrenheit, and +/-5% for humidity.

The accuracy of analog hygrometers may depend mostly on how you calibrate them. Their accuracy can easily be affected by elements and the age of the device.

Remote Monitoring

This is a feature that comes with the most advanced hygrometers. Well-known brands, such as ThermoPro, have designed devices that use remote monitoring.

With this feature, you can monitor more than one grow room from a single device by placing compatible sensors in different rooms.

You will definitely pay more for the sensors (transmitters) and hygrometer (receiver/base units). The extra cost allows you to receive multiple readings at the same time.

Additional Features

There are mainly two additional features you should look for: humidity level indicator and multiple mounting options.

The humidity level indicator tells you when the air is too dry, too wet, or when the moisture levels are optimum. This way, you can always ensure your plants are not choked by excess moisture.

As far as mounting, choose a device that is both desk and wall mountable. Preferably, choose a device with a wall hanging hole, a magnet mount, and a desk stand.

Final Words

If you choose to buy a hygrometer, digital design is a better choice compared to analog design.

Accuracy is of utmost importance, so make sure the device has a 5% margin of error. This would provide more reliable humidity readouts.

Most digital hygrometers provide you with multiple functionalities. They can monitor temperature as well as humidity.

We hope you’ll keep these brands and tips in mind as you search for the perfect hygrometer for your grow room!

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