BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review- Including Pros and Cons

As the LED grow light market is huge, as a customer and grower, you might feel confused for buying the best LED grow light for your grow room.

Bestva is a renowned name in the industry which delivers quality LED grow lights for the beginner as well as professional growers. It is one company that pays a huge attention to after-sales service.

Bestva is constantly providing LED grow lights within a competitive price range.


In this post, we will be doing a detailed Bestva LED grow light review of its 1000-watt model.

Bestva LED Review- An Introduction

So now that you have some idea about the Bestva LED Light, it is time to dive deep to find more about this highly reviewed LED grow light.

Here we are going to compare the power of Bestva LED light, the spectrum of Bestva 1000W LED grow light, the coverage area and last but not the least, the colors that the light emits from its panel including other features as well.

BESTVA 1000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Review

If you have an experience of indoor growing, you must be knowing that most of the conventional LED grow lights come with a collection of 3W or 5W light segments or chips.

On the other hand, the Bestva 1000W full spectrum LED grow light has 10W dual chips. Because of these 10W dual chips, Bestva is brighter than the other grow lights. It gives the highest par/lumen output per LEDs.

Although, if you want to go for a more advanced version, you could certainly go with the Advanced Platinum Series as there is no comparison of that LED in the industry. The Bestva 1000W is a good option for those growers who have a large grow room and who want to accumulate multiple grow lights in their grow room for an affordable price.

Talking more about the spectrum of the Bestva 1000W Double Chips LED grow light, it offers a full spectrum light which makes it highly useful for plants, vegetables, and flower to grow fully at all stages just as it grows in the natural sunlight.


The sole purpose of the grow light is to emulate the natural environment and take place of the sunlight for growing indoor plants. Full spectrum lights are the lights that almost replicate the natural sunlight. Thus, both the plant growth and yield is better when they are grown under a full spectrum LED grow light.

Adding more to the features, all the bestva LED grow lights have a powerful cooling fan system. Apart from that, Bestva LED light also has holes on the aluminum panel and the glass make heat convection.


This is the major reason why the Bestva LED lights run almost 50~60℉ lower than any other conventional grow lights such as the lamps and the HID lights.

The LED gives an output equivalent to a 600-watt HPS. At the same time, it consumes only 185 watts power. The Bestva Double Chip 1000W is a fabulous grow light that would easily cover an area of 5.1’ x 4.7’ growing area when suspended at a height of 24 inches from the tip of the plant.


Apart from the added features and specs, there is another reason which would moreover propel you to buy the Bestva LED grow lights. The manufacturer provides you with an amazing 3-year warranty along with 30 days return guarantee.

Bestva LED 1000W Grow Light Pros and Cons

  • An affordable full spectrum LED grow light for the money.
  • Highest PAR/LUMEN output per LEDs
  • Uses 10W double chips for extended usage and durability.
  • Bestva is a trusted label which is known for producing high quality affordable LED grow lights
  • Consumes only 185 Watts and can be compared to a 600W HPS light.
  • Runs 50~60℉ coller than conventional lamps.
  • Comes with and industry standard 3-year warranty and 30 day return gurantee.
  • Better LEDs available for more budget.
  • Due to higher intensity, it could lead to a burnout of plants if not monitored properly

So this was all about the Bestva 1000W double chips full spectrum led grow light. Overall, if you do not pay much heed to the cons of the LED, it is truly an affordable pocket-friendly LED grow light.

Recommended or Not?


The Bestva LED grow light is best recommended if you are looking for a high-intensity full spectrum LED grow light that helps in the proper nourishment of your marijuana. The LED is a value for money option that is would help you to produce a great quality marijuana with a better yield as compared to when using conventional lamps or HPS/HID lights in your grow room.

We hope you enjoyed reading this Bestva 1000W double chips led grow light review. Don’t forget to check out the product on Amazon. You could read its customer reviews as well to get the better understanding of the product.

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BESTVA LED 1000W Double Chips Grow Light Review
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  • Specifications
  • Durability
  • Price


Bestva LED 1000W is a value for money grow light that is packed with ample features. Being a full spectrum LED grow light, the Bestva LED is far much better than conventional lamps and HID/HPS lights. The LED is supported by double chips and 10W LEDs which further produces a double light intensity as compared to other grow lights.

Overall, it is a value for money grow light that will help you to produce a quality plant with higher crop yield.

4 thoughts on “BESTVA LED 1000W Grow Light Review- Including Pros and Cons”

  1. Has anybody used this led before ? Ive just purchased a 1200w bestva & have heard that the output isn’t anywhere near what they say it is. I just want to know if it’s gonna be enough for 3 plants of the big bud strain.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Regarding your query, Bestva is a trusted brand. Since you have purchased the 1200w version, it would be sufficient for 3 big buds. However, it is always suggested that you pair multiple LED lights with less wattage (for eg: 600W-1000W) to help your plants grow the best.

      Let us know if you still have any doubt, our team is there to help.

      • I appreciate this comment, I have a Bestva “1000w”. Looking to get another one but couldnt decide on that or the 1200w.. I am thinking about running two 1000w with a 1200w in the middle but after your comment I am rethinking that and wondering if just three Bestva 1000W for my 8x4x6.5 tent? Also Bestva seems good and bright using less than 200 watts about the exact same as my mars hydro which is a couple years older and clearly not as bright.

        • Hi Nick,

          We would suggest you go with 3 Bestva 1000. Either way, it is better to have more light in your grow room. If you feel that it is in excess, you can anyway modulate the intensity of light.


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