Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 300W LED Grow Light Review- Including Pros and Cons

If growing indoor cannabis or other plants are just your things and you’re well versed with the artificial lighting scenario, the name Roleadro Galaxyhydro would sound quite familiar to your ears. It is one of the top-selling LED grow lights for the money.

In this post, we shall do a detailed Galaxyhydro 300W LED Grow Light Review along with its pros and cons.


Frequently cited as a value for money investment, the 2nd generation Roleadro 300W LED grow light has been gaining popularity for a number of reasons. Why is it a best-seller you ask?

It’s got:

  • Low Pricing with stellar features!
  • Efficient power system saving you energy.
  • Advanced features giving you the maximum output.
  • Lower heat dissipation reducing surrounding impact.
  • 2-year warranty & a lifetime of consultancy service.

Galaxyhydro 300W LED Grow Light Review

Now that the deal looks so enticing, let’s put the product through its paces and see what the Roleadro Galaxyhydro LED plant grow light, full spectrum 2nd generation series brings to the table.

The 300 Watt Debate

Although texts claim that the Roleadro LED grow light draws 300 Watts, the actual power drawn is more in the vicinity of 130-150 Watts.

The technological advances try to make up for the lack in drawn power with brighter and better lights.

High Proportion Red Lights

As Red light is the ideal spectrum for photosynthesis, the 300 Watt Roleadro grow light incorporates a lot of it.

With a large proportion of the lights dedicated to the red spectrum, Roleadro Galaxyhydro claims that indoor plants shall receive 12-18 hours of ideal lighting time with a standard 26-28f temperature throughout the year.

Full Spectrum Light System

Standing on the back of its 2nd generation model, the Roleadro grow light claims to have stitched a wide and sufficient light spectrum in the product.


Covering 9 different bands including the UV & IR the Galaxyhydro contains an 8:1 Red-Blue system with 2 white LEDs.

Epileds 45 mil LED Chips

First of all, LED lights save tons of energy without dissipating a lot of heat. Equipped with the Epileds 45 mil LED chips, significantly larger amount of light is available for the plants.

Further, with strategically placed LEDs oriented at a 120° angle, the resemblance to solar rays (PAR) increases. Not just that, the canopy penetration goes up as well. This further strengthens the plant till its roots so that you can get a better yield in the end.

CE & ROHS Certified

Designed with advanced technology, the product comes with better lights, draws lesser power, achieves better-targeted growth of the plant while causing minimal heating of the surroundings, thanks to its improved heat dissipation system.

2-Year Warranty

With current LED light’s affinity for frequent failures, the 2-year warranty comes as a welcome boost for consumers.

If the feature-rich Roleadro Galaxyhydro LED grow light hasn’t got you hooked, fret not. Here are a few more useful features adding to its list!

Dual Cooling Fans

Keeping the 300 Watt Galaxyhydro cool are two cooling fans running in the background.


This lower heat dissipation lets the Roleadro Galaxyhydro grow light get closer to the plant; thus making it particularly adept at handling indoor conditions.

Dimming Light Feature

Another feature in the device is the ability to dim the intensity of the light.

Users who know the nuances of plant growth can fiddle with the intensity for the ideal possible results. This nifty feature is a nice touch from Roleadro. This feature particularly helps in modulating the intensity of light during different plant growth stages.

Zeners Exit

Speaking of nice touches, the use of the Zener’s Exit function ascertains the build quality of the device.

Ensuring that the rest of the LED remain working if one of them fails, the product doesn’t cheap out on the manufacturing despite the low cost.

Low Maintenance

Finally, LED lights have an inherent advantage as they require far less maintenance in its handling.

With a rating of 50,000 hours, the Galaxyhydro should outlast its 2 year warranty period with ease.

With all the offerings spread out, the Roleadro Galaxyhydro LED Plant Grow Light does seem to have a lot on its plate. Yet, are there any shortcomings, you ask?

Let’s list out the Pros and Cons to evaluate:

  • Low price, feature rich 300 Watt LED grow light with a 2 year warranty.
  • Full Spectrum 9 band system with UV and IR, additional dimming feature.
  • Uses less power, hence saves energy and money. Maintenance charges close to zero.
  • Light weight (~ 8 pounds) and durable with low heat dissipation making it ideal for indoor growers.
  • Good build quality combined with a tried and tested approach for the optimum light recipe for plant growth.
  • More better options available for a higher budget.
  • No provision for manually controlling the spectrum.

As apparent, the Pros of the 300 Watt Galaxyhydro grow light far outweigh the cons. So unless you’re especially nit-picky about the spectrum of light hitting your beloved flora, we’d say the Galaxyhydro is a fine investment for your indoor needs.

Getting a full spectrum light for such an affordable price truly states the technological advances that have enabled the company to manufacture such a great quality product.

If you have a bigger budget, you can move up in the game and also opt for 600w LED grow lights. However, it is just a personal preference. You can accumulate more grow lights in your grow room if you feel that the 300 watt is not sufficient.

We hope this detailed Galaxyhydro 300W LED Grow Light review provided you a fresh insight about the brand. What are you waiting for? Just go and grab this bestselling LED.

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Galaxyhydro 300W LED Grow Light Review
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In this detailed Roleadro Galaxyhydro series 300W LED grow light review, we have found that this product is a remarkable listing if you are looking for an affordable and durable 300-Watt LED grow light for your grow room.

Not only it is a leading LED grow light but, the 2-year warranty provided by the manufacturer further propels you to buy this highly trusted product right away.

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