King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light Reviews

If you want to get a true value-based LED grow light for your plant, King Plus is a reliable brand to consider. This is also a great option for your money. Their grow lights can be able to run for more than 6 years. Therefore, they ensure to satisfy you. There is a full product line of regular LED grows lights you can choose from King Plus. Keep reading this post to get more reviews of King Plus 1000w LED grow lights.

Design and Build

This lighting system is built from quality materials. There are 100 ten watts double chip Epistar LEDs. Therefore, these lights are more efficient when compared to 3 and 5-watt pieces. The King Plus 1000w LED grow light weighs around 6.4 pounds.

However, this light isn’t designed with daisy-chaining. Also, it doesn’t come with separate Veg/Bloom mode switches.

Light Spectrum

The King Plus 1000w LED grow light promises to give your cannabis plants a well-balanced and useful light spectrum. Blue light plays an important role in the improved photosynthesis process.

There are many grow lights out there that have an unbalanced spectrum. It means that these lights come with a lot of blues while they are not enough red. On the contrary, they also are full of red, but they are not enough blue.


The King Plus 1000w LED grow light allows you to get the densest light within 2’x2’. In fact, this lighting system can be used to cover 3.4’ x 3.8’ max. If you want to get a solid 4ft by 4ft coverage area, you can consider purchasing two of these lights. The cost is not much money.

You can also buy a higher-priced light for a solid 3’x3’ coverage with a single lamp. Therefore, you may need to go for 2 or three King Plus 1000w grow lights for a solid coverage for 4’x4’ or 6’x6’.

Power Efficiency

It’s really useless if a grow light draws a lot of power from the power outlet. This lighting system draws around 185 watts from the outlet. The King Plus 1000w LED grow light only offers the bare minimum you need to provide for a Cannabis plant. Overall, this grows light looks like a very solid grow light.

Heat Management

Heat management is another factor we need to consider before choosing a grow light. Also, it’s important to consider temperature balancing inside grow space.

There are three small holes on the front glass of the King Plus 1000w. They are designed for heat dissipation. Therefore, this device becomes less failure-prone. In addition, this design has two considerably sized internal fans. Many customers said that this system offers the heat being not much at all.

Customer Support

As a customer of King Plus, you will receive 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty in addition to money-back return policy of 30 days. It means you can return the grow light within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the product after using it.

It’s free shipping for the first 6 months. After that, the company will ask you to cover shipping.

This grows light comes with a huge sample size of reviews. Looking at customer’s reviews, you can see their satisfaction. Most of them don’t ask for a warranty claim.


The King Plus 1000w LED grow light is a durable product for your indoor growing hobby. The fact is that it’s a better choice when compared to some of the best working cheap LEDs. This is also a great option for a beginner or intermediate person. It’s a perfect alternative to your old-fashioned HPS system.

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