Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light Review- Including Pros and Cons

Granted there are a lot of COB kits available in the market. However, if you’re looking for a cheap and hardy substitute, the 400W Roleadro COB grow light would certainly draw your attention.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in deep and find out more in this detailed Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light Review.

As you know, our website provides an unbiased review of the best LED grow lights in the market.

In this post also, we have tried to cover all the essential elements about the Roleadro 400W COB LED grow light which is a very famous and trending COB LED grow light.

With features similar to the top end designs and a price point way below the average, the Roleadro COB LED grow light has plenty to offer.


In a nutshell, the 400 Watt COB brings about:

  • Cheap COB grow light with the latest technology!
  • Daisy chain connection for linking COB lights (upto 5).
  • Full spectrum lighting for exceptional plant growth.
  • Lower heat dissipation reducing surrounding impact.
  • Patented reflective cups designed for higher efficiency.
  • 2-year warranty & 30-day money back guarantee.

Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light Review

With advanced features and an integrated chip on board, let’s evaluate if the Roleadro 400W COB grow light fulfills your farming requirements or not. In this detailed COB LED review, you shall get to know whether the Roleadro is really the best cob led grow light or not.

Further, you shall see the exact elements you will get with the Roleadro COB LED grow light kit.

As you might be wondering about the features this LED grow light holds, let’s discuss them one by one:

Patented COB System

With a patented chip onboard system in place, the Roleadro 400-Watt COB grow light brings in more centralized light sources for the plants.

Combined with the full spectrum wavelengths and an efficient heat dispersion system, the Roleadro 400W COB contains all the ingredients for a state of the art COB grow light.

Daisy Chain Technology

Capable of functioning with a combination of 2 to 5 lights, the Roleadro 400 Watt COB would satiate the professional growers’ needs.

Roleadro offers detailed explanations on how to best use the Daisy chain system for maximum yield from the plants. This nifty feature does open new doors on the usage of COBs.


Full Spectrum System

Standing on the back of its 2nd generation model, the Roleadro COB grow light (400 W) drastically improves the color uniformity and PAR value.

Providing a full spectrum to ensure all the plant requirements are satisfied, the Roleadro COB comprises a blend of 440 nm, 460 nm, 470 nm, 525 nm, 610 nm, 630 nm, 640 nm, 660 nm, and 730 nm wavelengths.

Apart from the 400-Watt model, you can also go for the 800-Watt model if you have a big grow room or you want a better light requirement. The requirement could also decrease if you have a less light requirement as you could also go for the 200W model as well.

Well, it depends on your personal choice rather. All the above-stated models and value for money and have got a good response from the customers.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

With a dual fan system running the Roleadro 400 Watt COB system, the heat produced is easily negated. Capable of running for up to 18 hours a day; the efficient dissipation system ensures the longevity of the product.

Further, the fans run almost noiselessly so disturbance from the sound shouldn’t be a problem, to say the least.

Mostly, full spectrum LED’s do not produce much heat when compared to standard HID lights. The COB lights are super power efficient as well run cooler than the conventional lamps. Thus, you can expect a cooler environment when using the Roleadro COB LED grow light.

Patented Reflective Cups

Native to the Roleadro 400 Watt grow light is it’s patented reflective cups. With a 90° coverage area, the reflective design ensures a maximized output with fully blended light. The losses are drastically reduced, thus improving the efficiency of the device.

Further, the plants get the adequate light which results in a better quality product in the end.

2-Year Warranty

With current LED lights being susceptible to frequent failures, the 2-year warranty comes as a welcome boost for consumers.

Roleadro further provides a 30-day exchange policy if the product you received doesn’t match your standards.

The Roleadro 400 Watt COB grow light has amassed all the necessary features you’d expect from a standard COB system. Yet, there’s more. Catch some of the additional features this product has to offer:

High Quality Epileds

With high-quality epileds integrated with the COB system, color uniformity and the luminous efficiency of the system is enhanced.

This ensures that the rays from the 400 Watt COB grow light is better absorbed by the plant which in turn radically improves the output and the growth rate.


Sunflower Radiator System

With the Sunflower arrangement of radiator system in place, the Roleadro COB grow light (400W) reduces the temperature at the base of the chips to below 118.4°F.

Lower temperatures mean longer switch-on time for the device without any harm.

Modular Light Design

The Roleadro COB LED grow light is quite famous for its design. It has got separate chips on board which ensures the quality of the grow light.

If one chip is damaged, the other is capable of running independently thus, reducing the redundancy of the system as a whole.


Dual On-Off Switch

The Roleadro 400-Watt grow light comes with a dual switch system making it supremely flexible when it comes to the use of growing marijuana.

Experts can capitalize on this feature and make the most of the grow light’s customization options.

Priced much lower than your standard industry grade LED grow lights, the Roleadro 400 Watt COB grow light aims to assure quality.

Simultaneously, it caters to the budget grower segment who are unwilling to shell out a ton of money for their grow light requirements. The Roleadro COB LED is an affordable option for growers who do not want to compromise on the plant quality for the sake of saving few bucks.

Let’s list out the pros and cons and see if the device fits the mighty shoes it’s trying to fill.

  • Full spectrum system with a researched light recipe for optimal plant growth.
  • Low price, feature rich integrated COB 400 Watt LED grow light with a 2 year warranty.
  • Uses efficient power conservation techniques to save energy and minimize losses.
  • Compact, lightweight (~ 6 pounds) and durable with low heat dissipation making it ideal for indoor growers.
  • Daisy chain technology incorporated to link up to 5 systems together.
  • Patented reflective cups increases efficiency and optimizes output.
  • Modular light design with dual on-off switch are the characteristics of a quality product.
  • No provision for manually controlling the spectrum.
  • A limited budget product with limited features.

With the number of pros considerably overwhelming the cons, this lower priced product will surely give its competition a hard time.

Without compromising on the build quality of the device, Roleadro has worked wonders to bring in an advanced state of the art system to the masses. The price point is the icing on the cake.

We heartily recommend the Roleadro 400 W COB grow light and hope this review provided you a fresh insight. Lastly, we’d want you to do tell us in the comments below about your favorite LED grow light if you have any. We will try to cover that light on our website.

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The Roleadro 400 watt COB LED grow light is a leading product in terms o good quality and features which comes for an affordable price.

This detailed Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light Review further states that the manufacturer has really worked hard to make such a durable and feasible product that can be readily used by growers for growing plants.

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      The lumen of this light is around 10000. It is preferred to keep the light at 24 inches away from your plant. As per the reviews, the LED is more beneficial for Veg.


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