The Best Online Seed Banks That Ship To USA

If you’ve never ordered marijuana seeds online, it can be nerve-wracking and stressful the first time you do it. Along with the legal grey area, you might be worried about buying the right seeds. You want to make sure you’re choosing the best seed banks and a trusted source that will ensure your privacy and protect you from being ripped off.

In this article, we’re going to break down the best marijuana seed banks that ship to the USA. Then, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about buying marijuana seeds online including what rules to be aware of, how to identify a trusted online seller, which seeds to choose, and more.

The Best Online Seed Banks in 2019

Who they are

ILGM is one of the most popular online seed banks, and it’s for a good reason. Located in the Netherlands, ILGM was founded by Robert Bergman, marijuana growing expert who has been in the cannabis industry, growing marijuana and experimenting with his own strain development for nearly a decade.

What they offer

iLoveGrowingMarijuana has a wide variety of seeds that are pretty affordably priced. The best part is that they ship to quite a few countries around the world. They have one of the largest ranges of marijuana seeds we’ve seen online. Regardless of what kind of seeds you’re looking for, you’ll likely be able to find a match on ILGM.

Shipping and payment

They offer free shipping to the USA, Canada, and quite a few European Countries. Users report that it takes around 15 days from placing your order for it to arrive. They use extremely discreet packaging to keep your purchase secure a non-descript when it arrives. They also accept a wide variety of payment options, including credit and debit cards, bitcoin, bank transfer and wire transfer.

Why we love them

We love that they put such a high value on the customer service they provide their patrons. They have tons of resources on their website about how to order seeds and even guides on how to plant and tend to your seeds. If for some reason your seeds don’t arrive or get confiscated by customs, they will send you replacements for free.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

QCS Best Marijuana Seeds

Who are they

Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QBS) is a Canadian seed bank that has been in the market since 2013. They are a fan favorite because of their in-house team of seed breeders that come up with some of the most creative and high-quality cannabis seeds that a lot of growers have seen. Their team is well-versed in how cannabis seeds work, and understand how to care for and protect seeds from common pests and diseases. They do a lot of research and development on their seeds and their processes, so users are always getting top quality products.

What they offer

They sell over 50 different varieties of cannabis seeds including regular, autoflower and feminized seeds. They also regularly add more contents to their website, so you’re always getting up to date information and the newest seed breeds. A few favorite breeds from their site include kush, northern lights, and white widow.

Shipping and payment

When it comes to payment, they only accept Visa or Mastercard credit card payments, but they do ship for free all over the world. Like other seed banks, they offer stealth and discreet delivery as well as fast delivery service. They also tend to throw in some free seeds to show their appreciation for big orders.

Why we love them 

We love them because of their attention to detail and the care they take to satisfy their customers. In addition to their team of researchers, they also have a stringent inspection process that every seed they sell goes through before shipment.

Who they are

Seedsman is a United Kingdom (UK) based marijuana seed bank that offers over 4000 different types of seeds and new strains. Seedsman is a trusty source of seeds in Europe, and now they ship to the USA as well.

What they offer

They have an extensive range of seed options and an easy-to-navigate website that makes it straightforward to choose which seeds you want to purchase based on your specific needs. They also produce their own brand of marijuana seeds, making them one of the only seed banks to curate seeds as well as source their own brand.

Shipping and payment

Seedsman gives plenty of payment options, including credit cards, money orders, checks, and different types of cryptocurrencies. The time it takes for your order to ship and arrive depends on where you are ordering from, but the shipping speed is comparable to other online seed banks. They also have an “ultra-stealth” delivery option for extra security where they send the package in an unmarked parcel. You can also be assured that even if your parcel does not arrive or is confiscated at customs, they will send you a replacement, no questions asked.

Why we love them

Seedsman is known for holding multiple promotions throughout the year and offer discount programs for new buyers. On occasion, they also give out freebies of new seed varieties. Keep an eye on their website to be the first to know when they have a special offer happening.

In addition to these perks, they also have a great loyalty program lets you collect points with every purchase that you can use towards discounts on future orders.

Who are they

MSNL is another Dutch seed bank that has been in business since 1999. Their longevity makes them a trusted player among other online seed banks. They’re known for carrying great strains and for their work in innovating the field of marijuana genetics by working with experts to create their own strains and test all of the seed strains they carry.

What they offer

The seeds they sell have one of the highest germination rates of any other online seed banks at about 90%. Damaged seeds are one of the main concerns when ordering seeds online, so it’s nice to know that they have such a high success rate. All of their seeds are checked by seed inspection experts.

Shipping and payment

They offer a discreet shipping process as well as s stealth shipping option that ships your seeds hidden with other products. They also shop worldwide and claim shipping times of under 25 days, however many users receive their seeds much sooner.

As payment, they accept money orders, cash, and checks; however, unlike other seed banks, they don’t accept any cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Why we love them 

We love that they sell affordable variety packs for growers who want to try out a few different seeds to see which ones they like best. Like many other seed banks, they offer regular, feminized and flowered seeds. MSNL also includes some free seeds of their choice with every purchase as their way of saying thank you to their customers.

Crop King Seeds

Who are they

Crop King is another Canadian seed bank that operates out of Vancouver. They’ve grown significant;y over the years and continue to improve their processes to provide top quality seeds to their customers.

What they offer

They sell a range of highly-rated cannabis seeds and strains. They’ve teamed up with hundreds of local Canadian retailers to offer seeds at storefronts in addition to their online shop. With their team of engineers, they’ve predicted over 30 of their own unique strains that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. In addition to feminized, regular and autoflower seeds they also sell medicinal CBD seeds as well.

Shipping and payment

They ship to the USA as well as other countries worldwide. They’re known for stealthy shipping and package the seeds with things like cards and pens to increase discretion. They accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin.

Why we love them 

They promise a germination rate of at least 80% so you can have confidence that the seeds you buy are likely to grow into healthy plants. If for any reason you don’t like what you’ve received, or your package doesn’t arrive, they will send you a replacement package for free.


Who are they

SeedSupreme Seedbank is known for carrying the most famous marijuana strains at an affordable price, from famous breed all over the world. They were founded in 2013 in England and have continued to grow to be one of the leading online seed banks in the industry. They have thousands of positive reviews and a loyal fan base that love how modern and up to date their selection of seeds are.

What they offer

They have over 4000 types of strains and varieties of seeds, making them one of the most well-stocked seed banks we’ve seen. SeedSupreme seeds also come in a variety of types, and you can choose from feminized, autoflower or regular seeds. They also have a unique customer loyalty program that gives you “kush” bucks with every purchase.

Shipping and payment

As with all of the best cannabis seed banks, they offer discreet shipping and will replace your order if something causes it not to arrive. They have decent customer service that you can contact through their website with issues you have. As payment options, they accept cash payments as well as bitcoin, Visa, and MasterCard.

Why we love them 

We love their loyalty program that gives repeat buyers a nice discount as well as other perks like free seeds and shopping options. We also love that they take time to create valuable resources for their website visitors on their blog and give visitors information on how to tend to their plants and how to choose the best seeds.

Is It Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds?

Even though marijuana seeds aren’t fully-bloomed plants, and they can’t get you high, they are still classified as cannabis products. They fall under the same legal category as flowers, oils, and edibles. Which state you live in will determine the legality of buying cannabis seeds online. Most states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use also allow you to purchase seeds within your state. However, in many cases, the weed seeds you buy can’t cross state lines.

States that have legalized medical marijuana only allow medical cannabis cardholders to purchase seeds. Before you buy marijuana seeds online, it’s essential to know the laws in your state and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from legal trouble.

There are seed banks outside of the United States that have fewer regulations when it comes to purchasing marijuana seeds. However, it’s illegal to bring seeds into the US from outside of the country. US customs will likely confiscate any cannabis seeds they find in your position when you enter the country. If you are caught trying to bring in seeds from another country, you might also face legal consequences depending on the state you’re in.

Even if you are living in a legal state, cannabis is still technically illegal on a federal level. Since the market isn’t regulated, it can make it challenging to know if you’re getting quality seeds from reliable seed banks.

Navigating Payment Methods with Online Seed Shops

When you find an online seed bank you feel comfortable with, there are a few things you should keep in mind before hitting ‘purchase.’ You’ll need to make an online payment, so knowing which payment method to choose could help protect your privacy in the long-run.

It’s doubtful that you’ll see a cannabis seed company that lets you pay through PayPal, Stripe, or another online payment processor. This is because marijuana products are prohibited under those company’s terms of service to protect them from potential lawsuits. In most cases, you will need to pay with a credit card or a debit card directly.

Credit card companies tend to offer more comprehensive consumer privacy and protection for online services than banks. For this reason, it’s a good idea to use a credit card for your seed purchase rather than a bank card. Credit card companies also protect you from scams. So if anything goes wrong with your purchase, usually all it takes is one call to the credit card company for them to give you a refund. Banks, on the other hand, need to do thorough investigations on the product you bought and the vendor. They often make you wait for weeks or months before accepting or denying your request for a refund.

If you’re ordering something from out of the state or country, it’s helpful to give your card company a heads up. Sometimes the credit card or bank may block the purchase if it looks like suspicious activity if the charge is coming from an area or a vendor that doesn’t seem legitimate. If you do run into this issue, it can usually be resolved with a quick call to your bank or credit card company.

Some people may be wondering why not just use cash to remain fully anonymous and protect your privacy. It’s never advised to send cash through the mail. It is not insured or protected, so if it gets lost in the mail or anything goes wrong with the transaction, you could lose your money completely. Once cash is lost, it is nearly impossible to get it back. Cash can also open you up to getting scammed by the seller because there is no way to track if they received it or if it got into the right hands.

How Much Do Marijuana Seeds Cost Online?

Depending on the seller, type of seeds and quantity you buy in, you could spend anywhere from $40 per pack up to $500 per bag or even more. One pack of seeds usually contains 10-12 seeds total. If you’re purchasing specific strains or more complicated genetically-modified seeds, then you could end up spending much more than $500. This also doesn’t account for shipping fees or customs fees if you are ordering seeds internationally.

The Different Types of Seeds You Can Buy Online

When buying marijuana seeds online, you’ll usually have to choose between purchasing regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflower seeds. Let’s breakdown the differences, and pros and cons of each.

Regular Seeds

A packet of regular marijuana seeds usually comes with a combination of both male and female seeds. These seeds are purer and haven’t been inbred or backcrossed as much as the other two types of seeds. For this reason, many people prefer them to autoflower or feminized seeds. However, this does mean that you’ll need to sex out the seeds during the flowering stage. You want to get rid of the male plants because they won’t produce buds. They can cause female plants to seed flowers because of pollination exposure.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds can be put in soil and planted immediately. With these seeds, you always know that you are going to get only bud-producing female plants. You won’t have to work about sexing the plants and discarding the males, which reduces the risk of a stray male ruining your crop.

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower seeds have a shorter grow-to-harvest time than the other two types of weed seeds and can be ready in a little as three months. One downside, however, is that they are less potent than regular or feminized seeds. Autoflower seeds are an excellent choice for new cannabis growers or people who don’t want to commit to a lot of time tending to their plants.

Deciding Which Strain to Buy 

There are tons of options of marijuana strains, and the seeds you buy will determine which strains you end up with at harvest. Before deciding on which strain to buy, do some research on popular strains online, and read what other people’s experiences were with growing particular strains. You should also consider what kind of weed you want to end up with and which strains are your favorite to consume. Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains all require planting different seeds. If you’re looking for high THC or high CBD strains, that will also determine which seeds you end up buying.

Different strains will require different levels of attention during the growing process, and more popular strains may also be more expensive to acquire when purchasing seeds. If you’re looking for auto-flowering plants, those are specific seeds as well.

Certain strains are more suitable for first-time marijuana growers and will allow you to learn how to grow marijuana the right way before moving on to a more challenging strain. Don’t try to work with a difficult strain before you’ve tested the waters at your growing skills. It would be a shame to waste a plant because something goes wrong while growing.

For more information on cannabis strains, check out our strain guide!

How To Know You’re Getting Quality Seeds

Before you buy your seeds online, it’s important to know what to look for in an online retailer to make sure that you’re getting the highest quality seeds. Many breeders talk about plants DNA genetics, or seed origin and how it determines the quality of the plant. When you buy seeds, make sure the seller is transparent about where the seeds came from, how they were produced, and whether or not they were crossed or backcrossed with any other seeds. Knowing the origin of the seeds will protect you from getting seeds that are the result of sub-par breeding.

If you buy from an inexperienced breeder, you might end up with a hybrid strain that you can’t easily identify. On the other hand, professional breeders know how to put their strains through different backcrossing tests to make sure the end product reflects the genetics they were aiming for.

No matter what quality of seeds you buy, when you’re growing seeds there will always be a percentage of them that don’t germinate. When you buy seeds, try to buy two or more times the amount of seeds you intend to grow to account for the ones that die off in the process.

When you buy regular seeds, the ones that don’t germinate are more likely to be males. This makes your chances with autoflower or feminized seeds higher. But even if you do buy only feminized or auto-flowering seeds, a small amount of them may also not germinate. However, you will still have a higher chance of flowering buds than with regular seeds.

If your goal is to harvest four total cannabis plants, then you should start with at least two times as many seeds, if not more. When growing, remember that it’s a numbers game. The more seeds you plant, the higher chance you’ll have at hitting your desired number of cannabis plants in the end.

Keep in mind that every state has its own laws regarding plant limits. Before you decide how many plants you want to grow, find out your state’s legal restrictions to avoid breaking any rules.

Precautions To Take When Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Buying internationally vs. from the US

If this is your first time buying seeds online, it can be nerve-wracking or downright scary if you don’t know what to expect. The law is still sticky around marijuana on a federal level, so you might be concerned about getting in trouble.

One thing to put your mind at ease is that America has particular customs laws. If you order seeds from out of the country and your seeds get caught in customs and don’t get delivered, don’t worry. US customs won’t put your name on a list if a package gets confiscated before it reaches you.

In most cases, if your package gets flagged by customs, the worst thing that happens is that your seeds get thrown out. In some cases, you will receive a letter detailing why your package was confiscated, and that is the extent of it.

If that happens, you can try again or contact the seller to see if they can send you a replacement. Most reputable sellers will send you a replacement if your package gets lost in the mail, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

People are ordering marijuana seeds online every day, and the risk of getting into legal trouble for doing so is relatively low. There haven’t been reports of anyone getting in legal trouble for ordering marijuana seeds from outside of the country.

On the other hand, the law changes significantly when you order seeds from other states. It is against US federal law to send cannabis seeds between states. This can make it challenging to procure specific seeds from other states other than the one you live in.

US seed banks can get in a lot of trouble for sending seeds over state lines. Getting caught can result in more serious punishment than just getting the seeds thrown out by customs.

It’s always smart to do your own research about cannabis seed banks in your area. Ask people in your state how and where they acquire their seeds. If possible, join some online forums to learn more about the process before you make any decisions on where to buy.

How to know your seeds are real

One of the worst scenarios is to go through the entire process of choosing seeds and placing an order, only to find out that you’ve been ripped off and sent fake seeds. The good news is that there are ways to tell your seeds are real before you plant them. Marijuana seeds are dark brown seeds and often have white or light-colored stripes. These stripes are usually a result of how the seeds are coated. If you rub the seed and the coating comes off, you’re left with lighter colored seeds beneath the coating. Some seeds will come without a coating. That doesn’t mean they aren’t real. It just means they didn’t grow a coating or that they have been handled frequently. Coating is usually a good sign because it means the seeds are natural and haven’t been through many people’s hands.

Before even ordering the seeds, do a thorough assessment of the website you’re buying from. Believe it or not, some sites exist just to collect payments and scam interested growers out of their money. Make sure the site has relevant information about their company or brand and do your own research. It is helpful to even Google the name of the website with the word “scam” to see if anyone else got scammed and is writing about that site.

Dealing with long ship times

If you’re ordering cannabis seeds internationally, it could take upwards of six-weeks before you get your order, if customs don’t take it. You should always account for this in your process. Expect to wait at least a month before receiving your package and if you never receive it, have a plan in place for what to do. Whether that’s to reach out to the seller or decide to buy seeds locally, it will save you some stress about the situation if your package doesn’t arrive.

Maintaining your privacy 

When it comes to security and privacy, you shouldn’t be too concerned about ordering seeds. Especially if you are ordering from an international seed bank or one in your state. You should be concerned, however, if you’re ordering from another state. As we said, that is currently against federal law, and the consequences could catch up with you if you get caught.

The biggest thing to be concerned about is when you actually start growing. Ordering seeds have much looser laws than actually growing cannabis. Law enforcement is less concerned about people buying seeds and much more concerned about who is growing it in their homes. If possible, try to be as secretive as possible about the fact that you have ordered seeds or that you are growing cannabis. This will help you contain that information and keep your privacy as much as possible. Even if you tell close friends or family, it’s important to let them know not to tell other people or spread that information. It could make you a target for law enforcement or even thieves who want to steal your plants.

If you follow the advice in this article, you will know what to expect the first time you buy marijuana seeds online. Of course, always do your own research before making a purchase. Go in-depth on the different types of seeds and strains you can choose from so that you have a pleasant experience growing and harvesting your plants. Whether or not you’re a first-time grower or an experienced horticulturist, try to plan for things that could potentially go wrong when buying seeds online so that you can plan accordingly.

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