Viparspectra Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light Review- Including Pros and Cons

Growing indoor marijuana isn’t rocket science anymore. If you are reading this post, we assume you would be searching for a reliable LED grow light that helps you to grow a high yield of marijuana with a good grain quality.

In this detailed post, we would be covering one of the most anticipated LED Grow Light brands and would be doing a detailed Viparspectra 600W Review. We would discuss the pros and cons of using the respective LED light and later on give our final verdict as to whether or not you should buy the Viparspectra 600W LED grow light.

Viparspectra Reflector Series 600W Specifications And Features

Viparspectra is a scientifically engineered light which is developed after years of experiments by professional indoor growers.

It is engineered to keep the balance of the PAR/Lumen Output and coverage so that all your plants get the same density of light. This means that an even amount of light would be distributed along the length of the LED and your marijuana will get ample light to grow in full state.

Now since the light spreads evenly, it would help in increasing the quality of the flowers as they would grow bigger and would be dense with resin.

Now the question arises, being a 600W LED, it would consume high power that would result in huge electricity bills. You are absolutely wrong. The scene is a little different here. The Viparspectra 600W consumes nearly 70% less energy than your HPS/HID or even fluorescent lights.


The LED consumes only 276 watts of the actual wattage. Yes, you read that right. It does not use 600W but only 276 watts.

The Viparspectra 600W LED works efficiently as it has aluminum cooling sinks and high-speed cooling fans for easy heat dissipation. You can use the LED for long hours without even worrying about your grow room getting heated like a toast. However, external exhaust fans would help you to rotate the heat in and out of your grow room more easily.

Talking about the features, it has two different switches for veg and bloom. You can use either one depending on the growing stage of your cannabis. Turning ‘ON’ both the switches will give you the maximum intensity of the LED.

What About The 600 Watt’s Coverage Area? 

On an estimate, more the power of the light, more is the light intensity and denseness of light and more will be the coverage area. As by now, you must be already knowing that LEDs have good coverage area.

So it is perfect for a 3×3’ growing area at 24” height. You can modulate the height according to your norms. It is recommended to keep the height of your grow light between 18-24 inches for the maximum intensity of light so that it reaches and nourishes your plant till its canopy. 

So now that we have talked about the efficiency and the coverage area, let’s dig deeper inside the metrics.

The LED supports an angle of 90 degrees. More the angle, larger will be the coverage area covered by the LED.

There are 120 High-Intensity 5Watt Bridgelux/Epileds LED Chips pieces. The frequency of the light is 50-60Hz. Also, the lifespan of the LED as claimed by the manufacturer is of 100,000+ hours. This is the main reason fro using the Viparspectra LED grow light.

Equipment Included When You Buy a Viparspectra 600w

Talking about the package, you should get one Reflector 600W, one Hanging Kit, and one 6ft Power Cord. All these equips are necessary for the functioning of the grow light.

The hanging kit comes with the hanger. It’s like metal lanyards, there’s a total of 4 of them, one for each corner. They are pretty sturdy.

So that was about the features of the Viparspectra 600W LED. The best part is yet to come though.

marijuana under viparspectra 600 watt light

LED grow lights are expensive than the conventional lamps and there is a reason for this. The LED lights are highly energy efficient and simulate the role of the sunlight in the grow room. The build quality is good and it would be a good choice to run an LED light in your grow room as compared to other lights are they generate less heat and keep the environment of your grow room quite cool as compared to lamps and HID/HPS lights.

How would you feel if the above package comes with a 3-year warranty along with 30-day return back policy? Isn’t it simply amazing? Sure it is!

So by now, you would be thinking that you got to hear everything good about the LED, where are the negative points if any?

Well, nobody is perfect and neither is this LED. Although, it is for you to decide whether the cons would affect you in any way or not. We don’t think so but still, it is our personal opinion.

This next section would cover some of the points which might pinch you a little about the Viparspectra 600W LED.

The list is small but still, in this detailed review, we won’t leave a single feature of the Viperspectra 600W for which you’ll have to think twice. It would be a detailed guide we promise.

Anyways, enough of self-bragging. Let’s continue with the Viparspectra Reflector 600w review.

So the main point which could have been an additional advantage is if the LED would have been waterproof but, Viparspectra is not waterproof.

Secondly, you shall have to monitor the growth your plants at each stage. Your plant needs the ‘Hands of the Grower’ to feel the plant which 120 High-Intensity 5Watt Bridgelux/Epileds LED Chips pieces cannot do.

marijuana indoor viparspectra grow tent

As during the first week or two weeks of the flowers, you would need to keep a watch on the adjustments as too much intensity can damage the plants and too less light won’t give them the appropriate nourishment. You can modulate the light by moving the lens angles and adjusting the height of the LED.

You could even use the switch options to modulate the growth as per the growing stage of the plant.

So you just need to take care of the young plants for the few weeks, not a very big task but very minimal like checking in the temperature of the grow room, see if the plants have got enough room for air etc.

With a lot of info presented, a lot of points can go unheard.

So here is a shrink version of all the pros and cons. They will absolutely summarise this post.

Viparspectra 600W Review- The Final Verdict


  • Optimal Full Spectrum
  • Balanced PAR/Lumen output and coverage
  • 3 year warranty and 30 day return policy
  • Reflector Style for even coverage area
  • Perfect for 3×3 growing area
  • 70% more efficient than HID/HPS lights
  • Lifespan of 100,000+ hours
  • Cooling sink and high speed fans
  • Blossom and Veg switch for easy usage
  • No need of external lights for supporting the growth of your marijuana
  • Great built quality
  • Bestseller LED light with positive customer reviews
  • Not Waterproof
  • Light intensity needs to be monitored

So Viparspectra is a great device for growing a good quality marijuana.

The LED Grow Light is designed in a way that the light is spread evenly.

It has an inbuilt option of switching to veg/bloom mode making it a perfect contender if the space is very limited. So that is also one area where the panel excels.

With quality and build, clearly, it indicates that a lot of time has gone into research and development of this product along with careful experimentation, and rigorous testing.

After all, you would get the features, you’re paying for. In short, priced much less than some more-popular panels on the market, the ViparSpectra Reflector Series offers a perfect combination of performance and also takes care of affordability.

The Viparspectra 600W is a great buying option for small as well as big grow rooms. You can even accumulate multiple grow lights if your grow room is big enough.

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Viparspectra 600W Review
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